Dr Wiebo Van Der Meulen works with the best in private health,
    operating his practice from the Netcare Union Hospital.
    The Netcare Union Hospital is equipped with all
    state of the art medical equipment and facilities.
    With Dr Wiebo Van Der Meulen's expert consultation you'll be in the
    best of care and receive vital information during your consultation.

Welcome to Neurosurgeon.co.za

Dear Patient, welcome to the website of Dr Wiebo Van Der Meulen. You or a family member might have been diagnosed with a neurosurgical condition and understandably you probably feel overwhelmed. This website will help you to understand your condition better and, if an operation is planned, guide you to prepare for surgery.

Practice Philosophy

We are here to provide state–of–the-art neurosurgical care to our patients in a friendly, personal and compassionate manner. With our exponential growth over the past 15 years this is what I have learnt:

To me state-of–the-art cannot simply mean the newest technology. Novel materials and techniques must be tested first. It needs to make sense, perform as tested and be better and at least as safe as what I used to do, in order for me to adopt it.

The more responsibility you take for your health and the more involved you are the better the outcome will be.

Deciding to have an operation is not a decision to take lightly. Be sure that you know why the operation is being done, what the potential complications are and what the expected outcome is.